For $125 per year, a student can attend Bishop Lawi Imathiu Secondary School (BLISS).  This fee covers teacher salaries, since the Kenyan government only funds half the teachers at BLISS.  Yet even that modest amount is beyond the reach of the poorest Kithoka families.  About 100 students currently at BLISS cannot pay their tuition.  BLISS is a community school with a mission to educate the young people of Kithoka, regardless of their ability to pay.  Moses Marete, the BLISS principal, accepts all qualifying students.  We need to help BLISS cover its costs by raising $12,500 for the tuition of 100 students. 


Approximately 20% of Kenyan secondary school graduates are granted government scholarships to public universities, based on senior year examinations. Many of the students across Kenya who qualify have attended prestigious and expensive boarding schools.  As a day school for local students, BLISS demonstrates that poverty does not have to equate to lack of education.  However, even the relatively small $400 annual co-pay required to attend the public universities is beyond the reach of some BLISS students.   There are currently 15 BLISS graduates from 2014 who have qualified for government scholarships, but cannot afford the $400 fee.  MichiKen's goal is to raise $6,000 to send these 15 extraordinary students to universities.


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