"We are a global village."  Bishop Lawi Imathiu

MichiKen highly values the advice, prioritization, and oversight provided by local leaders for many of the projects successfully launched in the Kithoka and Meru areas.   This map shows where we do our work. Our Kenyan partners include:

  • Bishop Lawi Imathiu Secondary School — a day school for secondary (high school) students.  Founded in 2004, it has swiftly risen in the academic rankings of day and boarding schools in Kenya, and many of the students are the first in their families to receive education at the secondary and university levels.

  • Thiiri Center -- a community gathering site and hotel/conference center which provides recreational, educational, and service opportunities for the Kithoka village.

  • International Peace Initiatives, including the Kithoka Amani Childrens Home.  A hub of entrepreneurial activities and workshops on the campus of an innovative orphanage and eco-lodging hotel. 

  • Meru University -- established on 642 acres donated by Meru elders, it has boomed sinceestablishment as a university in 2008.  Formerly a technology college, it is partnering with Michiken and our University of Michigan faculty and students to increase research conferences and engineering and medical collaborations.

  • Kenya Methodist University -- a 5,000 student private university in the Meru region has been an important partner in the University of Michigan community health surveys conducted during several MichiKen summer trips. 

  • Consolata Hospitals -- University of Michigan faculty have established a new partnership with Consolata to provide consultative relationships with UM health services faculty and opportunities for UM and Kenyan students to observe clinical care in Kenya.