MichiKen projects are designed in partnership with Kithoka community leaders, business owners, educators, and students.  While managed by Kenyans, the year round mentoring and support from MichiKen volunteers is critical.  Annual trips to Kithoka reinforce the working relationships and introduce new US friends to the community of Kithoka.


  • Creation of new local jobs from start-up businesses, expansion of existing businesses, academic projects, and NGO endeavors.   Employment opportunities which encourage professionals and skilled trades workers to stay or return to the community.
  • Solid working relationships between Michigan and Kenyan universities, with portfolio of completed and ongoing projects, data and areas of further research and education.
  • Secondary school and post-secondary university or skills training for all children, regardless of their family's economic status. 

  • Demonstration of the impact of quality day schools in a country where boarding school education is unavailable to poor children. 

  • Nonprofit and business endeavors viewed as model for partnerships between Kenya and US communities