People travel to Kenya from all over the world to see African wildlife in their natural habitats.  The three day/two night safari included in the MichiKen summer trip is an extraordinary experience.  Pictures in the Safari photo gallery above were taken by MichiKen travelers. 

The safari lodges are extremely comfortable (think four star hotel) and offer a welcome respite for our hard working team!  The lodges provide delicious meals, and our safari drivers take us out on "game rides" in the mornings and evenings when the animals are most active.  The safari vans are equipped with pop up roofs which allow visitors to gaze at the animals and take photos while in the safety of the van.  The trained safari van drivers are expert at finding viewing opportunities, and keep in touch via shortwave radio to alert each other to locations of animals.     There really aren't words to describe an African safari -- peruse the photos to get an idea of what you will see!